Letter From the founder

I can hardly believe it’s already been three years since the launch of Bambini Soiree!  Three whirlwind years of sleepless nights and working tirelessly to produce children’s party decor that marks the difference.  Being the first to break ground in a market has it's disadvantages.  In a perfect world, our ideal mentor would have landed on our doorstep, to tell us exactly what our business needed each step of the way.  Instead we’ve been collecting hard-earned lessons, from each success and each mistake.  


We have very fresh memories of one of our clients telling us why we should create an Instagram account, and the joy we felt when we got our very first follower.  Not as joyful was some of the advice we received from a few of the people we shared our new business idea with.  "We want to build props and create a rental company that offers a fresh, design-driven approach to children’s celebrations!", we said. “There is no money in the kids party industry”, they responded.  But something inside said hold on tight to your vision, and we are so glad we listened!

Since then, there is not a day that we walk through our 15,000 square foot warehouse that we do not appreciate how far we’ve come in such a short time.  Each week we receive calls and emails from all over the world, from kid party makers just like us, asking us where to get our props, requesting ideas on building a similar business, and asking us to build and sell props so they can service their community’s children’s event needs.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to keep up with the rental demand to build to sell (just yet).  But we know there are dreamers out there in all areas of the kid’s event industry.  Adventurers, who have followed their vision and are ready to break ground.  We also know the hard working self-employed moms, who started a side job and are not sure how to make it their main business.   And there are also companies that have been around for a while, but are struggling to become profitable.  And one thing we have not found is one place for all of us to meet and help each other grow, until now.


The Bambini Soiree Summit is the first-ever kid party industry makers summit.  It is the perfect platform to gather with extraordinary party makers to exchange extraordinary ideas.    Because we all have something to teach, and we want to learn from the ones who did it before us.  It’s time to use your business muscles and flex your imagination. Smart ideas can be a fast-track to your business’s health and wealth. 


Are you ready to take your company or big idea to the next level? 



Join us this summer for two days of innovation, magic and growth.  You will be glad you did!

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